Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Shows I Watch

Maybe in my last post I came across as if I hated TV. So not true!

I enjoy several shows, or at least I did until the Writer's Strike disrupted everything.

But here's the thing: When my shows went away, I STILL didn't watch reality TV.

Maybe I should make myself sound altruistic, and claim that I didn't watch reality shows because I was showing solidarity with the Writer's Guild. Because, I mean, reality TV is stealing business away from the Writer's Guild! Because reality TV shows don't employ writers! And that's just everything that's wrong with America! Those darn TV execs are just stealing jobs!

But see, while I can appreciate that point of view, and I do feel the Writer's Guild's pain (who here doesn't think inflation is outstripping compensation? Anyone?), I just can't feel strongly enough about any of the people who appear on reality TV shows.

So what do I watch? Honestly, not a whole lot. And if I have to miss an episode due to other commitments, I don't really care. I'm just as happy throwing in a tape (no DVRs in our house!), as I am Googling the episode to find out what happened.

And guess what? If I forget for a couple of weeks in a row? I'm just as likely not to notice, and just stop watching.

But enough procrastinating. What do I watch?
I try to watch:
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Bones (love David Boreanaz - more in another post)
... hmm, that's all I can think of right now.

To be fair, there are other things I will tune in whenever I happen across them, but I honestly have no idea what day of the week or when their new episodes air.
Designed to Sell
Dirty Jobs

And aren't those almost reality shows? Yeah, ok, I can see that line of thinking. They border on it, because, no, they don't have plots, and yes, they're pretty predictable. On Designed to Sell, yes, the house is going to look pretty, and like a model home. Yes, they're likely to paint the walls brown, or cream, and yes, the house sells in the end. On MythBusters, yes, they're likely to blow something up. On Dirty Jobs, yes, Mike is likely to, well, get really dirty.

But you know what? These shows don't rely on angst-driven, sophomoric drama for ratings. They're actually entertaining to me. And come on, who doesn't like to see stuff blow up? (Man, I love MythBusters!)

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EGE said...

Dirty Jobs! Dirty Jobs! Dirty Jobs!

I knew you were a kindred soul. But you forgot to mention how GOOD he looks when he gets dirty...