Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Biblio - file

A little while ago, EGE over at TheHouseAndI blogged about her books that are taking over the house.

While I can't make that same claim to fame, I have, on occasion, been accused of having too many books. Usually said accusation comes after moving boxes upon boxes of books (but still, how can anyone EVER have too many books?).

But, but, but, I argue, at least I know what books I own! I have very few duplicates because a while ago the husband and I bit the bullet and began a spreadsheet. Which means HE started a spreadsheet.

An all-encompassing spreadsheet to catalog my many books. A spreadsheet which I was then basically ordered to keep updated. Said spreadsheet now has over 500 entries, and, when printed, covers 11 pages (in reaaaallllly tiny font).

Now, my dear husband didn't create this spreadsheet out of the kindness of his heart. It's not like he just did it for fun. No, he had an ulterior motive. He started this spreadsheet (called "Bibliophile") purely for his convenience. It was his thought that if he knew what books I owned, he could buy me books for anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas, and thus get credit for shopping for such thoughtful gifts, and also not have to work too hard at actual shopping.

Christmas a couple years ago.

So, this gift-giving process actually works fairly well. I get entertainment, and he gets to read them after I'm done with them.

The problem with receiving books as gifts for numerous occasions is that I get accused of having "too many books" (HOW is this possible?).

Bookcase 1

Bookcase 2

Yes, my books are double stacked. Can you tell? Maybe it's my terrible photo-taking skills.

Bookcase Close-up (can you find the duplicate books?)

Hmm... Maybe double stacking them is why people seem to think I have too many books. They look at my overflowing bookcases, and think it means I ran out of room.

But really? If you stack them really close together, you don't have to dust them.

Who can tell me what the pun in the title means?


EGE said...

It's a place to put your books in, for a person who loves books!

(I was waiting because, since you named me as your inspiration and all, I didn't want to seem all hoggy. But since nobody ELSE got it...)

LadyCiani said...

Mmm, not quite, but close!

And you were the inspiration for putting a pun in the title, too!

EGE said...

What, what, what, WHAT? I'm wr-- I'm wr-- I'm less than right?

Well, what is it then?

Oh, is it file as in Rockford?

splorp! said...

The Rockford Files ended its run before she was born ;) You may want to use a more recent file-related joke, EGE (X-Files? Dresden Files?)

EGE said...

Oh... X...

Yeah, Johnny's really more the resident Mulder/Scully expert of the AssVac .

But wait, LadyCiani -- you weren't born by 1980? Holy crap!

Oh wait, that still makes you at least 27. For some reason I always forget about the '90s ...

LadyCiani said...

I was born in the second half of 1980, so (according to husband splorp!) I completely missed the Rockford Files run.

But no! Not a TV reference.

EGE said...

Okay, then, I'm afraid you're going to have to tell us, cuz if it ain't a file/phile joke, then I got nuthin'!

LadyCiani said...

It's a FILE (biblio-file) for the book lover (biblio-phile).

Told you that you were close the first time.

EGE said...

Urgh. I thought that was what I said. It's what I meant, anyway. File = place to put things. I was right! I demand a recount!

LadyCiani said...

Oh, I see where you were going. I was thinking too much "file" in the computer sense.

You're right, normally they're filed away, approximately by author!

Recount ... hmm, I'll think about it.