Saturday, May 10, 2008

On Work, and Why People Suck (part 1)

And just what took my attention away from my blog, and from reading in general?

Well, partly it’s work issues, and partly it’s a class I’m taking to help me with my chosen field.

The class is actually quite interesting. My job – well, that’s a bit of a sticky situation. I'll explain, but I'm not naming where I work, because that would probably be really stupid on my part.

I work in marketing (by choice!) but not sales. Most people would equate what I do with advertising, but that's not really accurate. I don't create ads or buy ad space in magazines. In general, I work with the rest of the marketing department to reach out to a sales field and increase sales. I don’t actually go out and close sales myself (thank goodness!).

I have been with the same company for three years now, and my position has evolved beyond the “Marketing Assistant” position I was hired to do. About 6 months ago, our Vice President asked me to build two websites for the company to use.

Now, “Marketing” doesn’t necessarily spell out “Web Site Builder,” but this is actually well within my skill set. And the Vice President knew it was, because I had built one site for the company already, about 2 years ago.

Naive me, I told him, yes, I can do this, but I want the title of Webmaster at my next review. Ok, great, fine.

The websites are released, with a lot of ooh-ing and aah-ing from the sales field, a lot of “great job” pats on the back.

Review time rolls around. Now, I was not denied the position of Webmaster. But I feel stupid for not negotiating a pay increase that was directly related to the website production, instead of tied to “review time.” What happened? A company-wide salary freeze, right before my review.

(more tomorrow)

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