Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pursuing Passions (part 1)

Books have always been a passion of mine.

I don't know exactly when I learned to read. I don't actually remember anyone reading to me and being unable to follow along with the words. That suggests I learned at a fairly young age, I think.

In Kindergarten (age 5), I remember already knowing the alphabet, and knowing that 'lmnop' was not actually one word, but separate letters. Maybe that put me ahead of the curve?

Our first 'book' in Kindergarten was a story about a king, who cried many tears. So many tears that his country filled up with water, and in the pictures the people were always climbing higher and higher to stay out of the new 'sea' created from the King's tears.

Somehow this book was to teach us Kindergarteners our letters, because each chapter began with a new letter. Or maybe featured a letter, I don't really know anymore.

In first grade I remember being able to write. I distinctly remember one of the room moms (somebody's mother was always volunteering time in the classroom, helping the teacher) saying to me, "Oh, you already understand the difference between 'would' and 'wood.'" This, to me, was strange, because obviously they were different. They were spelled differently, so of course they meant different things!

I think my early love for reading gave me an edge in school. In second grade we all had to take turns reading out loud. I always hated this, because most of my class sounded incredibly stilted, and listening to them was frustrating to me, because by the time it was my turn to read out loud I had always skipped ahead and finished reading the story.

In 10th grade this advantage to reading out loud came back.

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