Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vampires Give Way To Elves

Well, not exactly.

Laurell K. Hamilton writes not only the Anita Blake vampire hunter novels, she also has a series about elves.

These are not your touchy-feelie, short, pointed ears, feel-good elves. These are a bit darker, but fun nonetheless.

Meredith Gentry is really Princess Meredith of Faerie, but she ran away after her father was killed during the normal course of Faerie politics. Meredith, or Merrie, has been hiding in Los Angeles, posing as a human with a little bit of Fey blood, and makes her living as a member of an elite detective agency, specializing in supernatural problems.

Merrie's aunt is Queen of the UnSeelie Court of Faerie. The UnSeelie Court takes in all the darker members of Faerie, what most of the Seelie Court would consider monsters. Merrie's cousin, Prince Cel, wants to kill Merrie, and is trying to take over the court.

In this story, elves do not have children often, and generally do not marry without a baby on the way already. Because Merrie and Cel are the only members of the royal family left, and the elves' powers are tied to the health (and fertility) of the ruler, the aging Queen declares a contest: whoever gets pregnant first, Cel or Merrie, will become the next King or Queen of the UnSeelie Court.

Merrie's world is rather bloody, and again she's not afraid of sex (Merrie is descended from elves who were worshiped as sex goddesses and gained power through their worship). All the time spent in the bedroom is somehow more acceptable to me (even though there's a LOT of it). Maybe it's because it was presented as a "normal" part of Merrie's supernatural powers, evolving and also growing in strength as her character develops.

A very good read, and I am anxiously awaiting more from Merrie's world.

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Anonymous said...

I love this series and I can't wait for Swallowing Darkness, the next novel, to come out this fall. It's due out in October I believe.