Thursday, May 22, 2008


I love vampire stories, and I almost always enjoy stories about them. Plus, as I said, I am a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, so I'm open to even modern day vampire stories.

Ask someone about vampire novels, and you're almost guaranteed to hear about Dracula. He was probably the first vampire I ever heard of, when I was in 5th grade or so. I couldn't figure out why it was supposed to be such a great story. My problem was probably due to an abridged version of the novel.

Vampires are lots of fun. Different authors have different ways of presenting them, and the various vampire hunters. Sometimes the vampires are true villains, as Dracula was presented, and sometimes the vampires are almost human, like in the next series I'm going to talk about.

If you limit yourself to Dracula, you're missing out on a great variety of vampire novels. Laurell K. Hamilton writes a really great series about a character named Anita Blake.

Anita lives in one of those altered realities. In her case, just a few years before the first novel opens, vampires and other creatures made their presence known to humans, and the Supreme Court of the US declared them legitimate citizens.

This, of course, presents a number of problems for humans. In Anita's world, people who rise as vampires sometimes face difficulties with inheritance issues - specifically the vampire's heirs don't want to give the money back.

A major problem though, stems directly from the fact that as citizens, vampires cannot be killed without it being considered murder. This lead to vampire hunters needing a warrant to kill vampires, and also the hunters are now legally "executioners." It also semi-legalized the vampire hunters, who had previously been more or less bounty hunters.

Their new legal status doesn't stop vampires from being evil though, and the books are very entertaining. They really draw you in as Anita tries to stay alive and live through the various vampire politics.

Laurell K. Hamilton has done a good job with Anita. I really enjoy her world, although I feel the need to warn you: as Anita's story progresses through multiple novels, she starts to reallly like to have sex. So if you don't enjoy that, you probably will give up on Anita's later novels. Fair warning.

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