Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Still Plugging Along ...

So, I'm still working my way through the Raymond E. Feist Riftwar Cycle books. It just happens that there are a LOT of them. And Mr. Feist didn't write them in the same order as they should be read.

Which, I have to say, having an author go back and write more books about your favorite characters is not a bad thing, not by any stretch of the imagination.

It just makes it a little difficult to catch up with the story line when you've been away from it for a little while.

I find myself needing to google the proper order to read the novels. Should I read them in the order they were written? or should I instead read them in the order of the story line? Oh, and it turns out that that particular google search is a fairly common one, and also? Feist fans have definite opinions on it. Whole freaking forums debate that very topic.

Anyway, I discovered that I already deviated from the "story line" time line, because I don't have one of the novels. Not sure how that happened, but occasionally I couldn't wait for the paperback and ended up borrowing the hardback from the library. Then sometimes when I next go to the bookstore I forget that I haven't bought that book, and instead just think, "oh, I must have that, I remember reading it already."

Since I've deviated form the storyline a little bit already, I'm going to go ahead and cover Arutha's son Nicky, like I promised you last time, and then I'll go back and cover the important points of the books I missed.

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