Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back from Vacation

Ok, so, technically I've been back for a little bit, and it's taken a while to get back in the groove of things. You know, work, blogging, etc.

Not that I'm ever all that regular with posting to the blog, but hey - I try.

Vacation was good. splorp!'s family likes me, and we took tons of photos. splorp! got some of them up on his webpage already, so you can check some out there. I got to hold the new baby, so all is good with the world.

Me Holding Max

Me holding the new baby, Max.*

I like babies, they're really cute, but I always feel awkward holding them (something splorp!'s mom picked up on right away). I'm the youngest in my (smallish) family, and my younger cousins lived far enough away that we didn't see them much except at a few holiday gatherings. Certainly I didn't change their diapers or babysit them, and the few kids I did babysit were potty trained already. It's safe to say I've never actually changed a diaper in my life (28 years old next month).

splorp!'s mom (EvilMomBeast) only teased me a little bit about the baby thing (he was squirming and I was having trouble holding on!). She knows I didn't have young kids around when I was growing up, so it was really just a quick comment of, "Oh, look at that maternal instinct. Do you need help?" Which was followed by me quickly handing the baby to splorp!, who has had much more experience with babies, what with changing his sister's diapers while growing up (the same sister who is Max's mom).

Vacation was really quite good. Central Ohio is very warm and humid, but I enjoyed myself a lot. splorp!'s parents have a pool in the back yard, so we spent quite a while outside and in the water. I proceeded to cover myself in sunscreen, because I will turn red like a lobster if I'm not careful. Gotta say, those new sunscreen in aerosol sprays? LOVE them. They're a little expensive for the number of "servings" you get per bottle, but the coverage is really good, and you don't have that greasy funky white stuff on your hands, and it dries quickly on the skin.

EvilMomBeast watches the other grandkids one or two days a week while splorp!'s other sister and her husband work, so we saw splorp!'s other nephews several times. Cute kids - and they liked playing in the pool and splashing.

I finally got splorp! to take drive me around to all the places he has told me about over the years - places he grew up and had fun and what not. Only took him 10 years, but hey, finally. (Ok, maybe it didn't take the full 10 years, but at least 8.) Every time we have visited his parents I would tell him that I want to see where he grew up, and sights around his home town, and he finally drove me around. Of course, I then listened to 2 hours of, "There's a road here now?" and "This has changed so much!" and "They re-named my Junior High School!" But I think it was well worth it. Now I can kind of put visuals with the stories he tells.

*Gotta love having Photoshop skillz!!! (yes, with a 'z') This was taken after spending ALL FREAKING DAY on a plane and in an airport, and I was extremely shiny on the forehead. Those photoshop skillz allowed me to color correct for horrible flash-induced all-over red skin tone, and also get rid of the shine.

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