Sunday, July 27, 2008

Look! I got mentioned!

EGE over at TheHouseAndI mentioned a fabulous blog, "It's Lovely, I'll Take It!", and I almost fell over laughing at the crazy pictures people think represent their house's best features. Seriously? You think that out-of-focus picture of your bathroom with funky wallpaper and missing tiles in the shower makes me want to buy your house?

I had to get in on the fun, so I submitted a lovely listing found in my local area. Today was my lucky day, as blog-owner Sara featured my submission. The condo association is built around a man-made lake, and that is one of the prime selling-features of units for sale in this gated complex. The condos are nice and all, but really, does this photo of the current owner and the fish he apparently caught in the lake make you want to buy the place?

Yeah, me neither. And what's with the sweater?

Living in Southern California, it's going to be a while before splorp! and I can afford a place of our own. That doesn't stop us me from looking. Hey, I don't want to ill-wish for any home owners out there, I know you like it when your house appreciates in value, but splorp! and I keep watching the prices go down, and the number of foreclosures go up.

We don't necessarily want a foreclosed home, but the more of them there are, the more affordable homes become overall. And when you're talking about an average price for a 2-BR 1-BA Condo with less than 900 sq. feet in my home town, the average price for the last several years has been $450,000 plus HOA of $300 or so each month.

Foreclosures and short sales and the general free-fall of the housing market look good to us! Maybe next year we can start looking to buy.


EGE said...

I saw you over there! Woohoo!

LadyCiani said...

WooHoo indeed!

It's so corny, but I get such a thrill about seeing myself mentioned somewhere.