Saturday, August 23, 2008

Webdesign Not Any Tme Soon

So, I mentioned that I put in a bid on developing a website for a guy who royally screwed up by using the wrong programs to develop his own site. Last time I spoke to him (over a week ago) he said he was going to consult with his wife/business partner the next day, and they'd call me.

Haven't heard back.

Now, the good little marketer and industrious business person in me is saying, "Hey! You need to call that guy and follow up with him!" because that's what the over-trained salesperson in me would do. The part of me that's tired of dealing with morons says, "No way! if he wants to try to haggle over a couple hundred dollars, it's his loss."

Because my job through college was in retail sales, and those people we call customers? They suck.

I've decided not to pursue this lead. Mostly because I have a bad feeling about the whole deal. When my former classmate called me about this job, she warned me that he was particularly frugal about this type of  all types of expense. And, yes, frugal is good, and yes, keeping costs down is good, and all that. But, that being said, this guy needs me and my skills much more than I need his lousy few dollars.

Also? I'm tired of business people who think they can do everything themselves and end up screwing it up, then don't want to pay to fix it. The president of my current company is famous for this, and it annoys me to no end. Just like this website guy wanting to negotiate my fee because he did the lay out already - never mind that his work is terrible and unusable, and I would still have to start from scratch to make his site work properly. Oh no, he doesn't want to pay full price because HE invested time and effort already. The implied statement being that my time and effort are worth less than his.

Now, I'm college educated (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with the option of Marketing), and my point of view is that it's worth spending a little bit more money and getting it done right in the first place. Time is money in business, and if you waste a lot of time doing something wrong and then spend more time fixing it, you waste a lot more money than if you had paid someone to do it in the first place. This guy? Originally we went from, "How soon can it be done, because we want to get the website up quickly to attract customers quickly. A week would be ideal," to a delay of over two months now, half of which time the website he created has been sitting on the web, useless to most visitors and thus losing customers.

Oh, and you know how I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration? In the process of earning that important piece of paper, I learned that any type of expense for your business, like, I dunno, web site design, is an expense you can write off on your taxes.

And anyway, why would I want to do contract work for someone who doesn't understand or appreciate what I can do to improve his website's search rankings? Work that's included in the bid I put in, and which will make a world of difference in his website's outcome? It would mean taking time away from my husband, my family, and my life, just for a couple hundred dollars.

Yeah, I'm not desperate enough to put up with another moron, just for his money.

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