Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Awesome Book Love, Library Style

So, splorp! found this really cool thing on Google maps, which I am going to call an homage to book love:

The parking garage for the Public Library in Kansas City, Missouri looks like a shelf of books!

You can click on the picture to see my larger screen shot, or follow this link to go to the Google maps street view of Kansas City.

The coolest thing about the street view is that you can actually "drive" along the street in front of the building by pushing the little white arrows. When you do this you can see the titles of the books.

I can't read them all, but they seem to be classics. Charlotte's Web, The Two Towers, The Invisible Man, Fahrenheit 451, Plato, Catch 22, and many more are there.

I confess to a bit of disappointment that the official home page of the Kansas City Public Library does not address the history of this creative facade. The only way I know it's the right website is a picture at the top of the web site, and the mention of the Central Library address approximately matches the Google maps location. The only reason I know it's the parking garage (and not the actual library) is through other blogs: here.

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