Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On Work, and Why People Suck (part 3)

So, I'm unemployed. I got laid off on Friday.

Yeah, the President of the company suddenly called me into his office at 4 PM and told me I'm laid off, due to "economic conditions."

I'll admit, I'm not the only one to go. The Controller (aka, VP of Finance) also went on Friday. I just have a sneaking suspicion that the two of us were the most recent two to ask him for something - me, I asked for more money, the Controller, he asked the President to stop spending so much money that the company is about to collapse.

Yeah, that's the gossip. The Controller (after the sudden layoff) had no problem telling the rest of us that he told the President 5 months ago that he was going to have to start laying people off. Also had no problem telling us that the company has been hemorrhaging money for years, basically ever since the President became President, after his dad died and he inherited the company.

So, maybe the real reason we got laid off is that we either asked the President for money, or we told him ugly truths?

Whatever. I feel like I should be more upset about this than I actually am. Like, I should be crying and bawling and basically out of control and asking, "Where did I go wrong?!"

Yeah, not feeling that.

True, I've been job hunting since April, when I got a "promotion" but not a raise, nor a cost-of-living increase. Still, I should feel a little something, shouldn't I?

I'm a little annoyed. Back at my review time, the moron/President didn't like that I was asking for money, and tried to phrase it as, "Well, I understand you may want more, and we can't give it to you right now. If you feel you have to look elsewhere I'll understand, but I hope you would be professional and give a couple weeks notice."

So, does the idea of professionalism not extend both ways, to giving me notice also? Or perhaps a severance package? (yeah, I got nothing.) Moron.

Overall, I'm mostly just relieved that I'm done with the place. And I keep thinking I'll be on to bigger and better things soon.

True, the actual job hunting isn't fun, nor is filing for unemployment, nor is sitting in the Social Security Office to get a replacement card (can't find mine after I moved last year - I think I shredded it on accident).

Well, ok, the idea of unemployment money is a little exciting, because I'm trying to think of it as "sticking it to the moron" since he has to pay into the unemployment fund for me.

But, truly, I'm not too upset that my time there is done. I'm going to miss a few people, and hope that my next boss is just as friendly and nice. But I'm ready for a new challenge. And God knows I haven't had a challenge at this place in forever.

So I'm ready. I'm good to go. I'm intimidated by the thought of applying to new places, and writing impressive cover letters to get myself noticed, and also by the many, many interviews that may go nowhere and feel like a waste of time. But I'm trying to be optimistic.

At least I can make sure my new boss understands that Webmaster is not related to Dungeons and Dragons, like this last moron.

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su said...

Make sure you have health care coverage in the interim.. demand it.. and I also believe you should demand a severance package.....
PS I think it is Comtroller

LadyCiani said...

My husband's company is fantastic because not only are they adding me to his plan on short notice, it's not even open enrollment time and they're letting us do it!

And it's really "Controller," which is just weird, but that's how that company rolls.