Friday, October 10, 2008

The Great Job Hunt

So I have been unemployed now for two weeks, officially, today. Which means that technically I have not yet missed a paycheck, and am even a little ahead of where I would normally be, what with receiving money for vacation time and also being paid early for the days through the end of last month.

The great job hunt continues, but is slowing down a little bit. I was in such a flurry of sending out e-mailed resumes, and registering for various job, excuse me, career search websites for the first several days that I have already sent off my resume to a large number of companies in a relatively short period of time. And, grrr, hiring peoples are so annoying, I have received very few calls so far.

I am perfect in every way for your posted marketing job, I exceed the skill level of what you want, plus am trained on both PC and Mac, and oh-my-god that's what you're offering for money? I am was so underpaid. Why have you people not been lining up to call me?!

And yes, I realize that instant gratification is not going to happen. I'm impatient. I want this over with already. This feeling of not accomplishing anything on a daily basis is really beginning to drag me down.

The calls I have received? Um, two for staffing agencies, which are very eager to get you to sign up, and fill out your tax forms so you can be one of their employees, and get paid very little to temp at many places, and not be sure how many days you will actually be employed this week. Yeah, not digging that.

Also two calls for positions I am not sure about.

Call number one, for a web position at a very large company that is not too far away, and is actually very convenient if splorp! wanted to move closer to his work, but the very nice lady who was calling me in the process of screening resumes seemed unsure if they want to hire one person who can do a lot of website and database backend stuff (which I am not qualified to do), or if they want to hire two people, one who would do the higher end stuff, and one (maybe me) who would do the lesser stuff. Eek.

Call number two, for an entry level marketing position at a relatively large company that is involved in very interesting technology. However, this company is located in a place that is not really convenient, and might even take me an hour to commute one way during peak times (big yuck). It is also a very, very entry level position, that does not pay very well. I'm not really sold on this company, though the product they produce is interesting, and a higher level marketing job could be interesting. I really think I might be bored here, and quickly hate the commute.

Meanwhile, I'm getting ahead of myself with the idea of committing to either company.

(big sigh) This job hunting thing is getting depressing.


EGE said...

I have no advice or anything, but I just wanted to weigh in and offer support. I hope it works out for you!

LadyCiani said...

Thank you.

su said...

I heard an adviser on TV say to always follow up with a call. That's all I got cept good luck.