Thursday, October 9, 2008

Only NOT Sleeping In

You would think, what with me being unemployed and all, that I might enjoy the chance to sleep in.

No deadlines, no pressure, nothing to do but make dinner when splorp! calls to tell me he's coming home.

Except for the sleeping in part. And the no pressure. Oh, and the "nothing to do" part. Technically I don't have a deadline, although I'm driving myself bonkers here because I'm so bored, so the sooner I'm employed the better.

While going to school I would never have considered myself a "morning person." I liked to sleep in, stay up late doing homework, and I never signed up for a class that started before 9 am (Except the very first semester. That 7:30 am class was horrible).

Now, I find myself with a whole day in front of me full of just a couple of hours of job hunting online, maybe an errand or two, maybe take the laundry over to mom and dad's, maybe dig in the garden ... Or maybe not any of those things. I mean, I need to do them, so I do actually have stuff I need to accomplish. I just don't think I need to do them at 8 am, do you?

Only, my body doesn't agree with me, and I keep waking up early! Like, I could go back to work anytime early! So stuff gets done around here.

I think this is a sign I'm growing up or something.

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