Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Unemployment, huh?

Today I started off the day with my telephone interview with the Unemployment peoples. You know, the department that will send me checks for being unemployed, yet looking for work?

I am so confused. I've never done this before, this registering for unemployment benefits. It's the kind of thing I hoped to never have to do, because of course I am indispensable, and they love me, and I do such a good job!

Which of course, the last two are true, the first one, not so much.

The lady was very nice, and there was just some confusion about how my final check was issued, and what it means for when I start getting checks from unemployment.

I got laid off on Friday 9/26, but they opted to pay me through the end of the month, which meant I got paid for Monday and Tuesday 9/29 and 9/30. Except the Unemployment lady was confused about what they are calling this money. While I was filing online for unemployment, I chose "pay-in-lieu-of-notice" which is apparently the wrong choice, because that's usually something like 60 days worth of pay, not two. Oh.

So I guess maybe it's severance? It's not a back pay award, and it's not vacation pay, because I actually got my vacation pay. It's not a pension, or a bonus, or a commission, because those categories weren't offered for my position. Idle time pay? Other? I'm going to have to go with one of those.

Crap, now how do I properly fill out the stupid forms for actually getting my unemployment check? It's all too confusing. Also, being unemployed is extremely boring.

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