Monday, November 3, 2008

Success in the Great Job Hunt

Hooray! I can officially say the great job hunt is over! Well, barring any unforeseen difficulties, like a natural disaster or some such.

I will be going in to my new office on Thursday to meet again with my supervisor and complete my new hire paperwork and get acquainted with my work station, then I start on Monday!

I have already made my phone calls to family and friends. They are excited for me. I also called my former boss (the one I was sorry to leave), and he is very happy for me, as I knew he would be.

I'm feeling nervous, but that's just new job jitters, and to be expected. I am horrible at remembering names and faces, and this new company has a lot more people than the last one, so I am going to be lost for a little while.

But, new opportunity, right? So I have to think and be positive. And I keep telling myself, at least the man who runs the company is much more in tune with the internet and how marketing on the internet affects your business, so it's already a much better fit for me.

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