Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lease Signing

Well, we went and did it. We signed our lease again.

It's good that it's settled. It's bad that we had to do it again. But what can you do? The happy part about it was they went over the terms of the lease, and what it would cost if we broke the lease. It turns out they would allow us to apply our security deposit to our lease-breaking penalty. Also, they calculate the deposit differently than we thought, and it's in our favor.

When we moved in we took advantage of some sort of special, which they advertised as "no security deposit" for people with good credit. Except we have Harley the bird (and a giant bird cage), so we needed a separate security deposit for him. So instead of coming up with a $1000 security deposit plus a $500 pet deposit, they only required the pet deposit. I guess it's a no-human-security-deposit promo? Enh, whatever.

Here's where it gets interesting. All this time, splorp! and I were thinking that if we moved out we would get only the pet deposit back. Because, hello! no actual security deposit put down due to the special offer! But in the management company's twisted math, they figure that our security deposit was actually paid, but we got $1000 off the first month's rent. Um, ok. So it turns out we have a $1000 security deposit with them after all, for a total of $1500 with the pet deposit.

It was weird to hear them re-define the terms after the fact, but it will work out in our favor if we break our lease. I didn't ask, but I assume the pet deposit can be applied to the lease-breaking penalty, too. So if we have to move out, we won't actually have to pay them extra, we just won't get money back. Or if they won't let us apply the pet deposit directly we will owe them $430, but get back $500 after they determine we didn't let the dinky little bird chew through walls or something. Which, you want to give me extra money? Ok! Honestly, I can handle that.

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