Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's a start!

Today we loaded up my Honda Fit (lurve the Fit!) with boxes of books and misc crap stuff and husband splorp! and my dad loaded Dad's Tahoe with tools, and off we went to the new house.

I arrived first and discovered I have no clue how to back a car into a garage. Missed taking out the tool bench by about 2 inches (not kidding, really about 2 inches).

We unloaded my car, most of Dad's truck, took some measurements, and then all three of us piled into the front bench seat of the Tahoe and were off to Home Depot, where we proceeded to buy new locks and doorknobs, a water heater and 2 dual flush toilets. We all sat in the front because we took all the seats out of the back, so we could fit all those giant boxes into the truck.

Eleven hundred dollars later we were back at the house where the boys spent a very productive day installing the water heater and drip pan (yea! hot water!), locks, and 2 toilets. Somewhere in the middle of the day there was a second trip to Home Depot (I did not go along for that one) because they needed to buy new supply lines and wax rings for the toilets.

Let me just take a moment to say: When you go to install a toilet, DO NOT GROUT THE TOILET IN PLACE. Seriously. We went to take out one of the old toilets and discovered that instead of caulking around the base of the toilet where it meets the tile (like normal people) some owner somewhere along the line grouted it. To the floor. With black grout to match the grout lines on the tile floor.

My small part of the toilet installation involved a hammer and a screwdriver, and very carefully chiseling off the stupid grout lines from the surface of the lovely tile. Fortunately our new toilets have larger bases than the old toilets, and cover the remaining grout. You'd never know it was there.

All in all it was a very productive day. Now splorp! and I need to figure out how to dispose of 2 (grody) old toilets and a dead water heater. I think our best bet is to call the garbage people and arrange a pick up. My parents tell me you can usually get one free pickup of oversize or odd items in a year, and then other pickups are charged. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Worse comes to worse we'll put an ad out on the "free scrap metal" and smash the porcelain up and dispose of it in the trash.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there Lara,
It sounds like things are moving right along.
With a name like that, your car should be small enough to "fit" anywhere. I'm glad that good fortune smiled on 2 inches. You don't need any extra stuff to fix like your car right now.
And I read you have two of the best kept secrets to most long lasting marriages.......2 bathrooms. haha. You know, if you say it really fast, it doesn't sound quite as bad. Levinhundred dlrs.
Soon there will truly be, "No Place Like Home."