Thursday, November 19, 2009

Signing Soon!

We are expected to sign loan docs on Monday! Woo-hoo!

Since we have a date, today I gave our 30-day notice at our apartment complex. Boy, parting with that amount of money was not fun, but at least it is over. Our days of having someone walking tromping over our heads are nearly over! I'm so excited there is an end date in sight.

We expect to have our new house keys shortly after signing, maybe a day, hopefully right away. We are working with a direct lender, so that means we don't have to go through and around extra layers of middle management.

The first thing we do is probably re-key the house. It has been vacant for a long time, but we have no idea how many house keys the sellers handed out during their years there. Plus we know they rented (or attempted to rent) the house for a while, and there's no telling how many keys those people handed out.

After that we will have to quickly install a new water heater. The one currently in place is showing its age and was difficult to light during the inspection. That's ok, it's a good opportunity to get it set up correctly with a drip pan (there isn't one right now, and the wooden heater stand shows water damage) and drain line (the current one is not attached to the wall properly, and has sagged, creating a non-slope so water can't drain properly). We'll also insulate the water heater to maximize efficiency, and strap it for earthquake safety.

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