Saturday, November 7, 2009


We got the termite report back yesterday.

Since we're in Southern California, it's pretty much a given there's going to be some termite activity. The questions are: how much damage, is it structural, and how expensive to fix?

There's not a whole lot of termite damage, and no it's not structural. It's actually mostly in the siding, and in the areas around windows. There is some fungus type of wood rot, which is also expected when you have no flashing on the edge of a roof, or faux beams that stick out beyond the roof lines. Also, when you have plants that have been creeping up and over and around and between boards because the house is vacant and no one hired a gardener.

What is nice is the areas the termite people identified are no different than the areas the house inspector listed in his report, so we feel pretty confident no one is trying to scam us.

Now the termite people will go in and do removal and repair of the affected areas, and probably tent the house. After that they will sign off and our loan should be OK to close.

The only difficulty will be painting the repaired spots - I have no idea when the house was last painted, but I'm going to guess a long time ago. And while there is leftover paint in the garage, the only thing I saw for sure was interior paint.

So, splorp! and I may have to consider painting the exterior of the house relatively soon. Ick.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Termites, shmermites.....just par for the course. Still sounds like things are moving full speed ahead! Woo hoo! It's going to be an exciting time! And don't forget to maintain a healthy sense of humor while you are getting your house ready to become your HOME. I'm sure you'll be glad when the repairing part is all over............OVER.