Monday, December 14, 2009

Moving is Over!

We are now completely moved in. Though we have been living in the new house for a week, today we brought the last of the stuff from the apartment to the new house.

And by "last of the stuff" I mean Raymond and I dug up my avocado tree from the apartment garden and stuck it in the back of my car. It's now sitting in a pot on the patio, hoping it makes it in the ground soon. And hopefully I'll get to it this weekend, otherwise I'm thinking it's not going to make it.

There is still some cleaning left to do at the apartment before we turn in our keys. Unfortunately the old vacuum bit the dust before I finished over there. Yeah, burning rubber belt? not a pleasant smell!

Good riddance though. That stupid thing has had problems ever since we bought it used from my sister a couple years ago after she no longer needed it. Plus I was ready to get away from the bagless style vacuum. That's not a good design for anyone with allergies - you have to dump the gunk into the trash and tap the sides of the plastic bin to make all the stuff come out of the filter. And when you do that a cloud of dirt and dust blows up at your face and into your nose and all over your hair. You needed a shower after a simple cleaning job.

Enough was enough, and I wasn't going to repair it when it wasn't working for us, so we bought a very nice upright with a microfilter bag and a HEPA filter. I'm very happy with it so far, and I'll give it a good workout this coming Saturday as I clean the rest of the apartment.

Another bonus is that our washer and dryer got delivered and installed today, so I think we're pretty well set on appliances now. And I no longer have to save my Quarters to do laundry! Yea!

A couple of pictures of the "before". No "after" pictures yet.

Front Of Our House

Big Kitchen!

We're Home!

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