Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Already?

Wow, time sure has flown by. I can't believe it is March already, and the last time I posted was just after Christmas.

Not too many changes to report in the new home.

Shortly after the new year we went to IKEA and found a piece of their free-standing kitchen series that will work well for us as a kitchen island. splorp! and my dad assembled it quickly, and we are very happy with it.

We also acquired some other new furniture: a TV console that is very modern and finally fits all our TV-watching electronics in one cabinet plus everything is behind glass doors. Yay!

splorp! also did some great shopping online, and found an ottoman that is made to fit all the gear (we have guitar shaped controllers coming out of our ears!) that is needed to play the Rock Band video game for PS3. It has slots for the guitars to rest in, and a pole that is built in to hold the drum kit. The drum heads themselves lift off and fit inside the ottoman. Closed up it is nice and neat! Plus it will double as seating when we have guests. At Christmas we discovered that the house will fit quite a few people, but we don't exactly have seats for everyone (yet).

Early in January my old boss (who is the proud daddy of twin boys around 2 years old - visit 2 For Team Lopez for more details) came with a rental truck and took the play gym / swing set thing from our backyard. I helped him dismantle it, and load it in the truck. He will modify it a bit and re-assemble it in his own back yard for his boys to enjoy. Our backyard seems so much bigger now!

Shortly after the swing set left it was scheduled to rain a LOT, so my dad came by and he and I spent a day crawling around on the roof as he patched some shingles and I sealed some protruding pipes with what seemed to be roofing-tar-in-a-caulk-tube. Very smelly and messy black goop, but quite effective.

While dad was here he also took his circular saw and sanding tools to the decorative beam / ledge thing under our front window. He gave the ledge a gradual slope, plus replenished the caulk around the windows. Yeah, the thing about windows is you want the water to run away from the wall of the house, not sit on a level surface or (worse) pool in water-damaged wood and soak into the wall.

So the sloping decorative ledge sheds water nicely, the windows are caulked, and the roof is tight against the rain. All that was accomplished just in time for a week of steady downpour!

We were snug in our house with the heater turned up to keep us warm. Until I wasn't warm anymore and asked splorp! if the fireplace flue was closed. Which it should have been, what with us never having laid a fire in it. And of course by the time I asked splorp! about the fireplace we had lived in the house for over a month before we discovered it wasn't closed, and was letting all the heat out of the house.

Oh well! The joys of home ownership!

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