Monday, September 13, 2010

New House Work and New Windows

Forgive me blog peoples, it has been many months since my last post.

Yeah. Um. Let’s say it’s been an uneventful few months and get right to the summary, k?

Well see, that’s kind of a lie. It’s just been so long that things just blend together.

What was exciting? Back in May we had new windows installed on the entire house. Wonderful dual-pane energy efficient windows. Love. Them.

New windows - it’s a big expense, but when we bought the house we qualified for the $8,000 tax credit for being first time home owners.

Now, when we first heard about this plan to give new home buyers the extra tax credit we didn’t think too much of it. We weren’t FHA borrowers – we didn’t have to do fancy loan paperwork to put just 3% down or anything. We were straight, traditional, 20% down, 30-year loan borrowers.

So with this unexpected boon to our house buying efforts, we talked it over before we closed on the house, and we knew that we wanted to get new windows installed before the summer heat hit us. Stimulating the economy and all that. Yup, that’s us.

Anyway, we knew we were getting a chunk of cash back from the government. And we knew we would add some money to that figure to get all the windows in the house done at once. Our home has two giant sliding glass doors (including the one that makes up one wall of our bedroom) and seven large windows. All that glass meant if we didn’t get new windows installed soon the house would broil in the summer and freeze in the winter.

splorp! and I did talk about spreading out the installation over a couple of years – doing the sliding doors this year, and the bedroom windows next year, and the other windows another time – but we had the funds to do it all at once, and I liked the idea of getting it all done at the same time, and then everything would match. Because there’s no way of telling if next year the same windows would be available – it would be just our luck that we got half the windows done and that style is discontinued next year.

Anyway, splorp! found a wonderful local company and we got everything ordered. Can’t say enough about this great company. Everything went really smoothly – they had a nice showroom with a great selection, and we really liked how knowledgeable our sales guy was (he turned out to be an executive manager or something). Everything got ordered, it came in to them, they called us for installation and splorp! set it all up.

So installation day comes, and one of the sliding glass doors was ordered wrong. Which we’re figuring is a pretty good track record – one thing goes wrong, out of everything that could go wrong? Fantastic (no, really, no sarcasm). All the rest of the windows go in with no problem.

The wrong window goes back to the store and the right one is ordered. And splorp! sets up the installation for a day when he is at work and I am at home.

And everything is great. Two guys show up and tear out our old sliding glass door (no broken glass or anything), and pop in the new one. They were there maybe 3 hours, and then they were off and on their way to another job. They brought all their own tools (a good sign, I thought) and did a fantastic job cleaning up after themselves. Along the way they managed to get phone numbers from some of my neighbors who were also interested in new windows. Something for everyone.

What makes us happiest about this door? It is specially designed with a space to install a doggie door – which they did for us before they left!

Old Door

Removing Old Door

Removing Old Door

Removing Old Door

Removing Old Door

New Window Coming Off The Truck

Installing New Door

Shooting Foam Around New Door

Close-up On The Foam

Don't Do This At Home
(he stopped and got a ladder after he saw me take the picture)

Installing The Doggy Door

New Door Complete!

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New door & doggie door, looks great!