Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Job

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After getting the job offer, I started work at my new job the following Monday, and I have been really enjoying it.

The pay is great - more than I was making in California - and it comes with some excellent perks.

No health insurance, but they offer instead up to $300 per month to reimburse for health insurance, so I can purchase my own coverage. OR I can get reimbursed for the insurance I get through splorp!'s company.


That's like an extra $3600 per year! And because we would have been paying out for my insurance through splorp!'s work anyway - it really is like a bonus.

PLUS! There's a fantastic policy of paid time off. Everyone is eligible for up to 4 weeks PTO per year, right away. Not the standard "more vacation time with more years of service" like you find most places. No! Right away you start earning the max.

And! Because the office is in the middle of a busy downtown district and there's no on-site parking, there's a parking pass provided to me, that I get to use any time. So I could visit downtown on the weekends with friends and have parking.

Even better! On Fridays the company brings in a couple bottles of wine and some snacks, and we have a little in-office "happy hour" starting at 4:30.

There's a very nice kitchen area with a working dishwasher, and real plates, bowls, glasses, and silverware. Even the wine glasses and champagne glasses are real! No plastic stuff.

I just can't get over it - I found a job that I really like, and the people are really great, and the pay is good.

And then!

Our house in California sold!

And it took less than 60 days from listing date until closing. And we were no longer paying a mortgage plus apartment rent.

Another w00t!

So there it is: how we ended up in Texas.

It took splorp!'s job to get us here, and because I like my job so much we're enjoying it here.

And up next: house hunting in Texas.

(to be continued)

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