Monday, July 4, 2011


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My parents stayed for a couple of days. On Thursday they hit the road to head back home and visit some sights in Texas along the way.

Feeling lousy (cause my parents just left me in Texas, miles away from any family), and being unemployed (for the first time since I was 17) I had a bit of time on my hands. So I hit the computer and started job hunting.

Firing off a resume, I hit the jackpot pretty much right away.

I got an email back later that day, with the note "You have a very interesting resume. Can you come in for an interview on Monday?"

Let me just pause for a moment and say "Woo-hoo!" A job interview already! This is pratically a miracle to me!

So I had my interview on Monday Feb 21, and it was great. The manager told me he was confident enough to invite me back to meet with the COO and the rest of the marketing staff, and he would check some schedules and get back to me. And the next day he did! We set up the second interview for Thursday the 24th.

The second interview went very well. They let me know they had another candidate to interview on Friday, but that they wanted to fill the position in the next week or so, and I would have an answer soon.

In the meantime, I lined up an interview with a second company. That interview was scheduled to happen on Monday the 28th.

Holy cow! Interviews at 2 companies in less than 2 weeks. Wow!

So my interview with the second company went pretty well. I was now in my new home in Texas only 2 weeks, and had interviewed at two companies. Pretty cool.

And then! And then on Tuesday March 1st, the first company called me back and offered me a position!


(to be continued)

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