Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Homeowners (again!)

It's official! We're homeowners again.

All in all, it was a relatively painless process. The seller agreed to give us money off the purchase price instead of doing any repairs, so that was a good deal. Plus she gave a "flooring credit" for carpet replacement. This is not actually a check we get after closing (that's not legal) but instead it means she paid for our closing costs and title insurance. Instead of money changing hands we got to keep that money in our account.

Some people choose to take the seller's money and go do other things with it (like a vacation), but we actually put it towards the flooring. Of course, we didn't exactly do carpet. Not exclusively. We did do carpet upstairs, but we upgraded to hardwood bamboo floors downstairs, and we had tile installed in the master bathroom upstairs (that was previously carpet -- carpet in a bathroom = major ick factor).

We moved in on splorp!'s birthday. At least, we moved the extra bed and enough toiletries and clothes to last a week, and then we hired a moving company to move the rest of our furniture and boxes.

Moving into our new home was actually very quick, since we purged a lot of "stuff" prior to the big move from California. And since we were going to rip out the carpeting anyway and didn't see the point of actually unpacking only to pack it back up when the flooring guys arrived, we just had the moving guys put most of it into the garage. Only a couple of things went upstairs.

So we're happily settled in. The dog has a backyard again (YAY!) and I no longer have to do 6am, 7pm, 8:30pm, and 10pm potty walks. It's sooo nice.

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