About Lady Ciani

Hi There!

Welcome to my world of books.

The original intent of this blog (hence the name) was to read my way through my library, and share some of my favorite books.

Somewhere along the way I started sharing more about my every day life, and random things that happen.

You know, things like my intermittent use of Photoshop. Getting laid off with no notice and no severance (and hey! no health insurance), and job hunting (OK, that one I managed to bring back to books). Finding a new job. The hassles of trying to buy a house. Suddenly moving to Texas.

You know. Things!

In the general purge of "stuff" to prepare for our move to Texas my books were donated to a "Friends of the Library" program. This was really kind of heartbreaking for me, as I put a lot of time and energy into collecting them (and husband splorp! put a lot of effort into cataloging them).

Alas, books are heavy, and we would be moving 1500 miles in a rental truck, and then the plan was that we would be storing things for months on end while we waited for our house to sell.

So I decided to part with a good 3/4 of my collection (or more), and we'll hope for the best as time goes on.

I'll throw in the occasional book review as I remember, don't despair! And I hope you'll stick around for the rest of my crazy blogging ride.

Note: I do include links to books and other goods using my Amazon Associates account, so if you make purchases based on what I link I get a small credit.

I use the Amazon links partly to support the fairly minimal costs of the blog and registering the domain name, but mostly because Amazon has a great little "box" that can display a better picture of my topic than what I can take using my own camera.

Thanks for reading!

Lady Ciani

PS: Where did the name Lady Ciani originate? She was a minor character in one of my favorite books: Black Sun Rising: The Coldfire Trilogy #1 by author C.S. Friedman.